Saint John

24" x 24" Oil on gallery-stretched canvas. Sold - Collection of Judith Bailey,Vancouver

A recent painting of a small part of the city of Saint John, New Brunswick. This was done from a photo I took in early March when snow was still abundantly on the ground.

The original photo was a longer shot taken much further away which I zoomed in and cropped this section from.

Saint John is known for its historical architecture though it went through a devastating fire in 1877.

When it was over, the fire had destroyed over 80 hectares (200 hundred acres) and 1612 structures including eight churches, six banks, fourteen hotels, eleven schooners and four other ships in just over a nine hour period. Nearly all the public buildings, the principal retail establishments, lawyers' offices and all but two printing firms were burned in the inferno. To make matters worse, less than one fourth of the $28 million (in 1877 dollars) in losses was covered by insurance.
Nineteen people died as a direct result of the fire and there were an undetermined number of injuries. While some people managed to save a few of their possessions, many residents and business owners lost everything they owned. Starvation and disease threatened, as nearly all the food and medical supplies were destroyed when the business and warehouse districts burned. Shelter was an urgent need. Although several thousand people moved to nearby Portland or simply left the Saint John area altogether, a considerable number of city residents had nowhere to go. The Victoria Skating Rink on City Road served as a temporary shelter for several days. Tents were erected on the Barrack Green and shanties were rapidly erected on King Square and Queen Square as homes for people and businesses.
Today in 2008, Saint John is still going through its growing pains with controversial new structures proposed, and possible razing to the ground of more history.


Poseidon's Dinner Knife

Sterling Silver - 10 inches in length

Poseidon's Dinner Plate and cutlery set above.

The plate is made from 3/16" and 1/4" steel... torch cut and arc welded. The plate is 14" x 18" inches x 3" inches in depth, as it has a slight bowl-like convex shape. (Better for piling a bounty of seafood onto... to appease Poseidon's notorious, and ravenous appetite.)

Been very busy painting towards an exhibit the last few weeks, besides building up our jewelry inventory for the upcoming tourist season.