Cape Enrage II

16" x 16" Oil on gallery-wrapped Canvas Available

This is a different painting of Cape Enrage. You can see the other painting immediately below. You can also see the obvious differences between the two. Though I used the exact same angle and perspective of the cliffs, trees, ocean, and distance, the color scheme of the foreground is radically different. One is muted, whereas the other has a vibrant cliff and beach area, along with the trees on top.


Cape Enrage

12" x 12" Oil on Canvas Available

Cape Enrage is on the New Brunswick coastline of the Bay of Fundy. Its always breezy there (anytime I've visited). It's probably a good place to generate power from the wind there). You'll find fossils on the beach when the tide is out. Beautiful, rugged place.


Bay Sunset

16" x 16" Oil on Canvas Available

We enjoy a southern exposure looking out to the Bay of Fundy. Often during sunset, the sky over the water will display a wonderful atmospheric refraction of subtle colors and cloud formations.

A good time in the summer, near the end of the day, to kick back, forget about the troubles of the world for a while, and relax on the porch with a glass of wine, or homemade beer!


The Great Web

40" x 48" Oil and Gesso on Canvas Personal Collection Always loved the freedom of technique, and subject matter that abstract painting allows. I realized as I was painting this, how quickly it was happening, and as a result, I had to force myself to slow down to consider compositional elements. Some of the best pieces of artwork are the simplest, not always, but sometimes. In the past, I've spent many enjoyable, quiet moments studying the great abstact expressionists, the likes of; Kline, Motherwell, Pollack, Rothko, deKooning, Frankenthaler, Rauschenberg, etc...


Death Match

7" x 5" Oil on Panel Available

These are probably some of the smallest people I've painted yet.


Isle Haute

16" x 20" Oil on canvas I can see this island from where I live. Its a majestic, and pristine island with dramatic cliffs in the Bay of Fundy. Its also home to a genetic biosphere of rare creatures found no where else. Its as if time has stood still for this island. The name is said to be an anglicized version of Ile Haute or "High Island" French explorer Samuel de Champlain gave it in 1604. This painting resulted from a trip along the Nova Scotia coastline where the island is much closer to shore.


Herring Cove Beach

24" X 24" Oil on Canvas Herring Cove Beach is on the eastern side of Campobello Island. The island belongs to New Brunswick, but its only land connection is to Lubec Maine by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Bridge. Otherwise, you take the ferry from our side. My grandfather was a lighthouse maintenance man, and a couple of times I accompanied him to visit with lighthouse keepers he knew. One summer when I was fourteen, my grandfather, two uncles, and I went out, off Campobello, in a small, fifteen foot, outboard powered skiff. One of my uncles happened to have a fish finder with him. The fish finder measured depth as well as picking up fish signatures. Friendly porpoises swam all around us. With legs and feet dangling over the bow and sides, the July sun beating down on us, we jigged for Mackerel over water that was five hundred feet deep. We made it back later in the day, slightly sunburned, but happy with our catch, and the meal we had afterwards at the campsite.


Mirror, Mirror, Tell me who is the Fairest...

Over the years, Gwen and I have attended many art and craft shows. I made this copper mirror so women at our jewelry booth would have something fun to hold and look into.

An example of the folding technique on the back. Here, you can also see more of the copper rivets I fashioned and hammered to hold things together.

In case the mirror was to break, there are a couple of semi-hidden tabs on the sides that will allow the back to be pulled out far enough so new glass can be slid in. Notice that it can also be hung on a wall, which is what we do in the house.

Hand made copper mirror. 19" x 7½" x 1¾". Personal collection.


Belleisle Bay

8" x 10" Oil on canvas Available

I lived near Belleisle Bay for several years. The landscape there is both beautiful, and peaceful.


Summer River

12" x 12" Oil on Canvas Available

This painting was extremely fun for me to do. It came together quickly, just sort of falling into place.

Winter in February from our hill...

The photo above is taken after the snowstorm has subsided, and moved on.

The photos above show wind driven snow moving across the hill.

Today (February 11) its snowing again. Wow, what a winter! A real, old fashioned winter. Snow, snow, snow. The world outside is so beautiful had to grab the camera and share some of these memories. You can see how its blowing across the hill. The water in the distance is the Bay of Fundy. The landmass 30 + miles beyond is Nova Scotia. Other pictures are of the field around part of the house, and snow laden trees that can be seen from the west kitchen window, and looking towards the porch from the east kitchen window.



6" x 4" Oil on Panel Available for Purchase

I remember the fun days I spent skateboarding as a teen. We went down our share of steep hills, got scuffed up and bruised, made a great landing most of the time, but screwed up royally on others. It was a blast while it lasted.


Early Morning Field

8" x 1o" Oil on Canvas Available for Purchase

I like the feel of this piece. It has good atmosphere - a little mysterious. If you squint your eyes a bit, you can imagine a slight dew mist rising from the ground as everything begins to warm up in the approaching daylight.