Another pen on paper sketch...this time of a soldier lying on the ground at night...perhaps he should move to find a less visible location...the moonlight here is bathing him in light...perhaps he's too tired to move...


From the sketchbook; 'A Warning'

Here's an interesting question...if you were to begin with this image as a starting point in telling a can probably imagine all sorts of intriguing far along in the story is this...what came before it... what happens next? The face is of a cartoonish variety as I am entertaining the possibility of a graphic novel enterprise...


Two figures

Another of the many sketches I've been doodling away on...Been listening to the audio-book version of the 'The Road' by Cormac McCarthy while staying busy in the studio...saw the film last year...yikes!... what a post-apocalyptic vision!...enjoyed the narration in the audiobook...the character of Tom Stechschulte's voice provides the right kind of atmospheric balance...guess it got me thinking...


'Dark Surf'

 Oil on panel

I haven't painted anything for a while as I've been readying the house & property for sale, among other necessary tasks. I painted this in late winter.

See the new link on the right for photos of the house.



'After Suzor Coté '


11" x 14" oil on panel



I was inspired to paint this scene upon discovering a few small-scale paintings done by a former Quebec based artist (Marc-Aurèle Suzor Coté ,  1869-1937)  

...who had  a genius for combining  a roughness of technique with an immediacy, spontaneity, and even an elegance. (I'm not saying I achieved the same results as well as he did, but I appreciate his aesthetic, and his inspiration...) -  



Main Street, Saint John, New Brunswick- circa 1900

Oil on gallery Canvas
30" x42"  - Sold
This is looking up towards Douglas Avenue in the North End.  Most of the buildings have now been replaced,  and the steeple on the church is no longer either. I'm not sure how many residents of Saint John would know we had street cars here. Never been on one myself. Wonder what its like?

Crossing Union Street

Oil on canvas
11" x 14"