Here's How the Exhibit Looks on Display at the Saint John Arts Centre May 16 - June 28

New Painting
Titled: "From the West Side" 30" x 42" Oil on gallery wrapped canvas
The following photos are of the painting exhibit displayed in two adjoining rooms at the Saint John Arts Centre.
Max checking out some of Dad's work.
My two favorite people - Gwen & Max
Three night scenes - the first one is of of King Street in Fredericton, the middle is of the drive to Rothesay and Quispamsis from Saint John, and the last one is from the perspective of looking through an overpass in Saint John. (Camera captured poor lighting below)
The Kennebecasis
A grouping of 12" x 12's"
44 paintings in total (not all are shown)
The exhibit runs May16- June 28


Sharon said...

Wow! It's a really gorgeous exhibition. I had no idea how extensive it was. Beautiful space, soft, ethereal paintings......great color.....calming. These photos give the abstract piece context in terms of scale making it's impact so much greater than when I first saw it digitally.
It's a great show, I bet you could book it as much as you wanted to. You should check out if you haven't been there before.
Thanks so much for letting us see this, very inspiring!

John Ackerson said...

Thank you Sharon! I think the director of the Saint John Arts Centre accomplished a perfect designing effort in hanging the show!
I'm very pleased with how it's turned out! You're right - the space is very conducive to meditative thought.

I'm also very personally inspired and excited to get painting for the next exhibit, and thamks for the heads-up om artdeadline!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Congratulations, My Dear!!! It was worth it!!!

Ruth said...

I agree, what an extensive show. The venue is so beautiful, a simple, solid backdrop for your work. So nice to see the ones of Gwen - the hands one I love, and the head portrait. And even space in your home.

I wish Don and I could zip up there and see them in person.

'The Kennebecasis' is my favorite, from what I can see. The colors are rich and jump.

So glad Gwen brought the show to our attention. Best wishes, and congratulations!

Sandy said...

John, these are beautiful and presented so well, I really enjoyed the photos. I would really enjoy seeing this in person.
Beautiful painting of Gwen and I loved the one of your son. Oh yeah, hands on the piano!! Well all of them are great.


kathi dunphy said...

Wow John! That looks like an amazing beautifully presented exhibit, definitely on our "must do" list, next trip to Saint John. Well done! I love the new stuff with the hot splashes of color.

dberube-art said...


Wish I was closer so that I could fully appreciate your work.

thealteredpage said...

Congrats John. Your work looks fantastic. The way it is hung seems to match the care you obviously took in creating these paintings. 44! Wow! Wish I could walk among them and really get a good look.

O'Leary said...

The work looks great, John. We're looking forward to seeing the show when we're down.
Best from all of us.

John Ackerson said...

Thank you to everyone here for responding!

I'd just like to acknowledge how generous you all have been in your comments, - you're very kind to provide me with moral support! I'm also very happy to report the locals who have seen the work firsthand have also offered much positive affirmation!

It's making me start to think that all those crazy hours (days - weeks - months..) have been well worth it!

In all honesty, I had a blast doing it! Even during those moments I struggled with it. In due time, I learned I was only struggling against myself...

Its said that the act of creation (what ever you may deem it to be) is in the journey, not the destination.
If I could paint in my studio every day for the rest of my life...well, life might not be long enough still! The immense feeling I experience - the sense of freedom in being allowed to create how I see the world is very addictive to say the least!

Thank you again!

Sandy said...

Loved reading you...and your enthusiasm reached out through the computer. How inspiring you are, John.