A New Life for the 'Ol Chicken Coop

Max and I managed to get the shed to this state by July 1st before I had to temporarily abandon any further work on it, as jewelry manufacturing beckoned for my attention. Being so busy the last three weeks, I guess I didn't realize how Max and his friends were looking forward to using the reclaimed chicken coop when it's finally ready for them to use as their new, soon-to-be camp. Yesterday, Saturday July 19th, the village put on its annual yard sale, and the boys scrounged for anything they could possibly use. Max says they found a few odd gems including a small, poker table, so they can sit around it and tell tall tales to each other as they play. Anyway, here are a few pics of what we've done with an old, salvaged window, and salvaged door. The shingles are eastern white cedar - the same as on the house and work garage. In a couple of years they'll turn an appealing silvery color, and will be good for seventy-five to a hundred years or so.


Ruth said...

That's a charming conclusion to the project. LOVE the door and knob. Love the siding, everything.

You know, John, I have a little former chicken coop 'studio' myself, that Don fixed up for me. I love it. I don't do much studio-ing, more like reading and sleeping.

It's the hinge of my universe.

Sandy said...

Ahhhh it was worth the wait...Love love it. And that doorknob, draws me right in. I wanna go right in there and set up shop. I want to pull out my candyland game and sit at a special little table... Okay I'm getting carried away back to my youth..ha!

So so so cool.

John Ackerson said...

Ruth - You're idea of a special get-away reading place has a wonderful aspect to how it feels to lose oneself in great ideas!

I know a local writer who has such a small cabin set aside for the sole purpose to concentrate on her writing. As a result, she appears to be doing well.

Sandy - Sometimes I yearn for the simpler things of yesterday too!