Shelley said...

I remember reading of a comment Gwen wrote of John and his deep concentration..."that when he begins a project, no matter what kind of challenge it is... to absorb himself fully into it... ... nothing can deter him from it... it is all consuming... he is driven to create"; I think of the 16th century's 'brown study' which is defined as a deep, serious absorption, in deep thought.
I enjoy & appreciate this 'Fresh Paint' very much John. Thank you.

John Ackerson said...

Hi Shelley,

Hmm...I'm sure I'm not the only one who loses track of where they are when immersed in an enjoyable occupation.

Also, many times in painting, I find that my thoughts naturally tend to drift, which is probably similar to the way others meditate. And much as they do, I find this very relaxing.

I'm glad you like the piece! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

nice paintings.I'm curious to know what towns these are if real towns

John Ackerson said...

In answer to your question anonymous, the paintings are of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada for the most part.