Mirror, Mirror, Tell me who is the Fairest...

Over the years, Gwen and I have attended many art and craft shows. I made this copper mirror so women at our jewelry booth would have something fun to hold and look into.

An example of the folding technique on the back. Here, you can also see more of the copper rivets I fashioned and hammered to hold things together.

In case the mirror was to break, there are a couple of semi-hidden tabs on the sides that will allow the back to be pulled out far enough so new glass can be slid in. Notice that it can also be hung on a wall, which is what we do in the house.

Hand made copper mirror. 19" x 7½" x 1¾". Personal collection.


dberube-art said...

Very Cool, I especially love the details and textures of the back side.

Also love the concept of, "We need a handheld mirror, I'll just make one." There's something very fulfilling abt. being able to do that.

John Ackerson said...

Hey David!(dberube-art)
Yeah, you're right about it being fulfilling. It makes for a very useful life to be able to make the things you need.

What I really love about the process is in the exploration of course - traveling through new, unknown territory - not being sure how its all going to turn out.

Adds to the thrill I suppose. It has the potential to fail, as in - bomb totally, or on the other hand, be a wild success!

As you're already well aware, your mind takes a fascinating and satisfying trip in attempting to puzzle it all out.

Amy Anderson said...

Beautiful work. It's nice to see what other New Brunwsickers are up to...

John Ackerson said...

Thanks Amy

Its always nice to have your hard work acknowledged.

I've left a comment on one of your postings. I think you provide thoughtful, and insightful analysis of our province, and its challenges among other things.

In a future posting, you'll probably see how we have our guitars setup, ready to play at a moment's notice. This is, unless Gwen beats me to it by taking the pics, and posting them first.

Kathy said...

Hi John, LOVE the mirror that you made... I agree with the first gentleman's comment! So cool to be able to make the things you need/want... and I'm constantly blown away by the beauty of the house you and Gwen built. The two of you are incredibly talented and resourceful! K.