Isle Haute

16" x 20" Oil on canvas I can see this island from where I live. Its a majestic, and pristine island with dramatic cliffs in the Bay of Fundy. Its also home to a genetic biosphere of rare creatures found no where else. Its as if time has stood still for this island. The name is said to be an anglicized version of Ile Haute or "High Island" French explorer Samuel de Champlain gave it in 1604. This painting resulted from a trip along the Nova Scotia coastline where the island is much closer to shore.


dberube-art said...

Beautiful painting.
I love your style/technique.
I could stand to take a few lessons from you.

John Ackerson said...

Thank you "dberube-art". I could stand to understand much more myself.

Its a funny thing you know. I mean to say - here we are, a collective group of artists spread about the globe, working mostly independently of each other, all attempting to make thoughtful marks on canvas, paper, metal, clay, fabric, glass, etc.

At first glance, this seems like such an elementary thing for a human to do. It doesn't even seem that difficult. Children at an early age do it, and so did our primitive ancestors (cave paintings).

But, of course, like anything else in this world, as an artist, or (a maker of things), to do a creative act well, you have to tap into that hidden place, that peripheral edge of consciousness that is unique in everyone.

Sometimes, many times, I still feel like a blind man searching my way through the dark. I think what's so very stimulating is the constant challenge. I think I want/need it. I hope it never ends. I don't think it would be very wise to ever be truly satisfied with your work.

I did enjoy immensely painting this particular one though. Guess I was in the zone! Thanks again!