Poseidon's Dinner Fork

This Sterling Silver fork is part of a dinner set I created using the mythology of Poseidon as its theme. The fork has three tines to represent Poseidon's Trident he used during the war of the titans, and gods.

As you can see, the tines are actually the tail fin of the fish, while the tip of the handle is the head complete with mouth and eye.

Sterling Silver Length: 8 inches


thealteredpage said...

Very cool. Great idea and fantastic metalwork.

Sandy said...

This is gorgeous!!!

I came here from Gwen's blog.

Beautiful work.


John Ackerson said...

Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement.

Sometime, when you live the way I and Gwen do, working away in our respective studios week after week, its easy to almost forget there's another world out there...

Haven't posted anything for a while...been painting towards an upcoming exhibit...