Jane Addams - Portrait Pen Drawing and Sketch series continued

Jane Addams -1860 - 1935 was a philosopher, sociologist, author, and woman suffrage leader.

 She was a prominent reformer of what was called the Progressive Era and brought national attention to issues of concern to mothers, such as the needs of children, and public health.

 She believed women could aid in making their communities better places to live, but they would need the vote to be effective.

Addams became a role model for middle-class women who volunteered to uplift their communities. She also believed world peace could eventually be achieved.

In 1931 Jane Addams received the Nobel Peace Prize for her works.

14" x 11" Indelible ink on acid free paper

I chose to draw Jane Addams because she reminds me of my grandmother on my father's side.

Jane Addams would fall under anyone's definition  of what a 'hero', or 'heroine' is. What would she think about where we are today? Any thoughts?


Carol Steel 5050 said...

She might feel depressed about how woman still have to struggle. She might aso feel strong and hopeful about what has been accomplished. Changes take time, sometimes too much time, but she seems like she wouldn't despair and give up. She looks fierce and determined.

John Ackerson said...

You're right Carol. It's plainly obvious Jane Addams was fueled by a far reaching vision!

As you allude to however, society today has a ways to go in reaching that vision.

But the good news is; we can always work towards it as individuals.