Portrait Pen Drawing and Sketch series continued

I'm working on a new series of  portraits simply done with pen on paper.   Here's one of the sketchbooks I'm using. It's a Robert Bateman. - acid-free  - 11" x 14". The pen has indelible ink.

As a visual person,  I find I'm constantly noticing how faces are 'assembled'. There's a myriad variety of contours, intersecting planes, and surface textures, They range  from the shallow depth of skin stretched over a forehead and skull, to the softer, pliable surface of nostrils, eyelids and jowls.

This particular aging, but still hairy fella was not taken from any existing art, but inspired from contemporary life.

Indelible ink on acid free paper  11" x 14"


Carol Steel 5050 said...

It's amazing how much personality shows through a pen drawing. The simplicity lets the reality come out, perhaps.

John Ackerson said...

Hi Carol

Yep, simplicity is good. I seem to experience difficulty in achieving it sometimes...I keep telling myself someday...