Book Reader

20" x 16" Oil on Canvas - unframed. Available for Purchase

What's in a book?
The feel of it in your hands as you open it
The quiet, crisp sound as you turn a page
printed letters become words, and the words become thoughts
then the magic begins to happen as the immediate world around you begins to dissolve
visual imagery from another place fills your mind
you reach to grasp new perspectives and ideas
and characters who were at first strangers to you, become familiar
as you find common ground to identify with them
and a few of the more memorable characters, over the course of several hundred pages, even become friends...


kathi dunphy said...

your just bubbling over with surprise insightfulness eh john?
there is some strength to you that only seems to surface when the cloak of visual identification is minimalized from three dimensional to idea wisps that you surrender reeluctantly. yup....must be the air on "The Hill".
from a Quacoite not kathi

John Ackerson said...

To the Quacoite not Kathi,

Very funny Jim. I would like to think that we all have these same strengths whether they're apparent or not.
Unfortunately in this world as you know, there are many individuals who through circumstances, or lifestyle choices, or environments in which they find themselves in, etc. do not allow themselves, or are not allowed to have these same opportunities to display their potential creativity. We two are among other very lucky individuals on this planet indeed.