Saint John River

5" x 7" Oil on Panel. Available for Purchase

The Painting A Day movement largely concerns itself with producing at least one, new, small painting a day. Many artists who participate in this practice routinely produce paintings that are actually smaller than the one above; 4" x 6" for example, or even smaller. (postcard size) At first, I found it a challenge to paint on such a small scale as this, but the benefit of doing this can be many fold for the artist who wants to attempt it.
I especially enjoy the views of the Saint John River when traveling on hwy 105 between Jemseg and Fredericton. The river appears peaceful, and gently bends its way around a large island that someone keeps cattle on. As you drive by, you can see the flat barge that is used to transport the animals. The surrounding land on a good portion of the rest of the drive, is flat with many fields of vegetables that I presume benefit from the nearby water, (high water table, and/or rich silt built up in years past when the river would flood?).

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