Where Land Ends

24" x 24" Oil on gallery-wrapped Canvas Available for Purchase

Living in a maritime environment allows for walking on beaches shrouded in fog. Watching the water churn pebbles, seaweed and other small treasures strung along the sand, and listening to the sound of far away places in your imagination.

There are times when you'd swear the rest of the world had ceased to exist. Time is on your side here, as your bare toes shuffle across the sand. You allow an existential game to develop in your mind....

Are you back at the beginning of time before humankind came into existence, or are you at some point in the near future?

If you are alone, then you're immediate concerns are the basic ingredients of survival anywhere - food, shelter, and clothing. These you are confident you will find somehow. But for now you take luxury in how your exposed skin feels in the light mist that floats around and engulfs you. Afterall, it is just you, the ocean, and where the land ends...

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dberube-art said...

The movement, color choice and overall feel of this piece is breath-taking.